How it works

What we can achieve

Whilst certain basic aspects of computing can be learned in a group lesson or through books, our experience clearly shows that one-to-one tuition will help you progress more rapidly and quickly gain confidence.

Tuition takes place at your home or workplace, or any location that you prefer. There, you will get the full attention of an experienced tutor, and together you will be able to work at a pace that suits you. Each session is tailored to suit your needs and if necessary we can focus on just those things that interest you. Questions are encouraged throughout the experience so that you can be clear and comfortable before moving on.

You should quickly become familiar with using the computer or ipad to keep in touch with family and friends, shopping, booking events online and generally "looking things up". You will also learn how to manage your system so that important items such as photos and documents are safely stored and easy to find.

If you wish to, and feel comfortable, you can also do online banking and keep an eye on your finances.  And for those who are interested, we can move on to more advanced levels such as photo management, word processing or even website design.

Getting Started

During the initial conversation your tutor establishes your needs and level of experience.
This discussion can take place at your home if you prefer, or by phone. There is no charge for this initial step.
  • Your tutor will agree with you a convenient time to visit, and will travel to you.
  • You will use your own equipment (if available) and your tutor will make sure it is set up properly. If necessary he will help adjust the settings or optimise the configuration.

Tutorial Sessions

The following points summarise what you can expect from your first tutorial:

  • Normally you will be the person that operates the keyboard and mouse pointer. That way you can be sure you know what's happening.
  • Your tutor will talk through each step using verbal explanation and hands-on demonstration, and guide you as you build up confidence in doing things for yourself.
  • Questions are encouraged, as that helps to identify areas that need more explanation, as well as confirming progress. When you're learning, there's no such thing as "stupid question".
  • Depending on your level of confidence, you will work as slowly or as fast as you wish, and things can be repeated whenever you feel the need.
  • It will not normally be necessary to take notes, but you can if you wish to. The emphasis will be on understanding and gaining a "good feel" for what's going on. Nevertheless, for one or two of the more involved procedures, your tutor will provide some pre-prepared notes and instructions that you can retain.
  • To finish, your tutor will review what has been achieved in the lesson and discuss plans for the next tuition session, if applicable.

Tutoring sessions are usually an hour, or an hour and a half, and can take place during daytime, evening or weekend to suit you.  Initially we suggest two lessons a week in order to maintain a little continuity during those early stages, but it is entirely up to you to choose the timing that suits your schedule and lifestyle.

Tuition, from young learner to elderly scholar.

Shorter or longer sessions may be agreed, if that's what you would prefer.

One further option, which is popular with some clients, is to work together with a friend. This has the possible benefit of reducing the pressure a little, and allows you to share the cost of the lesson between you. (Please note that our prices page clearly sets out our charges).

Payment is due in full at the end of each session (cash or cheque).  And finally, should you need to cancel or change a lesson, this is not usually a problem but we ask that you give at least twenty-four hours' notice wherever possible.

Please take a few minutes to look at the other pages on this website, where you will learn a little more about the training services we offer.