Customer Responses

Numbers speak plainly

Probably one of the clearest measures of customer satisfaction is whether they come back for more.

Of all the tuition sessions that took place in the past two years,  87% of them were a follow-on visit, i.e. they were a second or subsequent visit to a client.

Looking at individual clients in that same period, 66% of them chose to have 4 or more lessons, while 34% were satisfied with between 1 and 3 lessons.

We also enjoy positive feedback in the form of referrals from satisfied customers  -  whilst many of our current clients have responded to adverts, 39% were introduced to us as a direct result of a personal recommendation from a previous customer.

Comments from clients

We cannot thank you enough for giving up your afternoon today to sort out our computer problem following Sky’s transfer to Yahoo for e-mails.
All seems to be working fine again now and you have taught me some new manoeuvres as well. We look forward to meeting you again ...

Mr. P. C. (High Wycombe)

This was a good solution for us. It is more effective and less disruptive to have someone trained at work than to send them on an expensive training course for 4 days.
R. E. (Chesham)

David's sense of humour makes it easier to cope with my shortcomings, mainly my memory. He willingly/happily explains, and makes any problems I have clear to me.
I am happy to continue seeing him from time to time, and can make list(s) of queries for the next meeting. My home tuition situation with David is working splendidly.
Above all, I enjoy his visits! 

Mrs. A. R. (Gerrards Cross)

Since you have taken on teaching me, life has become much more convenient and productive which is a very positive feeling. Other electronic gadgets are also being used more effectively, too. A big "THANK YOU" to you!
Mrs J.D. (Beaconsfield)

Recently I had the need to call on David's services following some upgrades to my IT software. David is very knowledgeable and skilled in providing tutorials, and has such patience and calmness to deliver well presented, clear messages that get you functional and proficient in difficult subject areas.
Personally, I came away feeling confident, skilled and positive, knowing I would be able to apply myself to areas which previously I would  have been scared of using.
David will get you up to speed with all aspects and you will not look back!!!
Many thanks David
      Ms G.F, (Lane End)


I am a non techie, and David's tuition in I.T. was professional in helping me, particularly with Excel. Also David gave great creative advice with blogging. I never felt patronised nor rushed. I would definitely recommend David.
Ms. S.H. (Chilton)

...It does seem a long time since we were last in touch, but this is largely the result of your excellent instruction, which has meant I’ve kept going all this time without any problems that didn’t resolve themselves...
Miss D.W. (Amersham)

I wish I had found the time sooner to get some help. I didn't realise what I was missing.
Sue H (Hazlemere)

You don't just show me what to do, you explain it, so that I am left feeling very comfortable with whats going on.
Mrs. N. A. (High Wycombe)

I had three 80 minute lessons with David, and my understanding has moved forward so much. I do not hesitate in recommending this service. His explanations were very clear and he let me work at my speed, unlike my son-in-law who just flits through everything so fast!
Susan P. (Beaconsfield)

My confidence was improved a lot, and I was amazed what the computer could do for me.
Jackie (Hemel Hempstead)

David is very patient and seems to understand the problems and difficulties that beginners have.
Angela (Princes Risborough)

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