Free Computer Lesson

for South Bucks and surrounding area

Why is it free ?

We offer a 40 minute session of one-to-one tuition to help you get started and to work with you on some of the more challenging aspects of modern computing. We believe that you will be pleasantly surprised how quickly and easily your confidence will grow when you have someone at your side explaining things and answering your questions.

There are no commitments or obligations, and nothing to pay at the end of the session.

For us, it is a way of introducing you to our training and coaching services. This gives you a risk-free opportunity to try one-to-one coaching before deciding whether it is something you would like to do.

Beginners and more advanced subjects are available, with tuition taking place at your home (or workplace) and using your computer or tablet.

What happens at the end of the free session ?

You have three choices –
· you may end the tuition session, with no further obligation or commitment
· you can arrange further tuition for a later date
· you can continue for a longer period at our normal paid rate.

How much would it cost to continue ?

Our prices are competitive and straightforward. Unlike many organisations, we are open and clear about what it would cost you - the standard charge is £55 per hour. 

Am I eligible ?

If it is your first lesson with us, and you are somewhere on this map, you may take up the offer:

Free computer tuition in Buckinghamshire

For paid tuition, how many sessions do I need to commit to ?

None, each session is discussed and planned by mutual agreement between the client and the tutor.

What is the style of coaching, and what subject areas are available ?

We provide tuition in most aspects of computing, tablets and using the internet. Please explore out list of subjects, and let us know if you have any questions.

I don’t currently own a computer, can I still do this ?

If you want to learn to use the computer (or iPad), but haven't yet bought one, that is not a problem. We have portable laptops and ipads that you can use.

How do I book ?

Contact us by phone or email, or you may find it easier to use the web-form on our Contact page

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