Windows 7 training

Beginners often start here, but if you are already familiar with the basics then now is the time to learn how to make life easier by recognising some of the shortcuts and handy features in Windows 7. We also have a specialist tuition programme for Windows 10, and plenty of experience with Windows 8.

Or, if you are using Windows XP or Vista, we can give you a better grasp of what the software is doing and show you how to achieve your results quickly and more easily.

In all cases our tuition sessions are conducted with you operating the mouse and keyboard so that you know exactly what is going on at all times.

The detail can be varied, but for beginners we look at these main areas:

  1. Introduction to Windows, and using the keyboard, mouse, icons and windows
  2. Internet, the World Wide Web and email
  3. Files and Folders - where things are stored
  4. Taking Charge - recognising and managing indicators and messages
  5. Managing photos and your camera
  6. Maintenance and computer settings
  7. Optional modules - e.g. Security, Skype, Word Processing, Problem Solving.

Numerous other aspects can be covered on request. For those who are interested, we can move on to more advanced levels, such as file management, word processing or even website design.

Please ask for more details or let us have your questions. Contact us using our enquiry form.

Lessons are available for anyone living or working in the Marlow, Chesham and surrounding area of South Bucks.