Web design courses

Our web design tutorials are in four sections, each of which is optional. Choose just those parts that interest you.

Module 1. Web design and publishing

Learn how to create and publish attractive websites, and understand all the essential concepts of setting up and managing a website.

Module 2. Web design with HTML and CSS

The basics of using html tags and style definitions (css) to design the content and structure of your web pages. Also includes use of Dreamweaver, FrontPage and FTP.

Module 3. Getting noticed and securing a good position in Google results

Find out how to choose the right structure and wording to ensure that Google places you high up in search listings.

Module 4. Advanced tools and visitor tracking

Manage your site and find out how it’s being used and who’s visiting it. Includes an introduction to several free tools - Google Analytics, Webmaster Tools and more.

1. Web design and publishing

How to create and publish a professional looking website, and understand all the essentials of setting up and managing a website.

Easy Design option

There is no need to get involved with the lower level html and CSS codes.

Google Sites is a free facility that allows you to create websites using their built in themes and formatting tools. You can upload attachments, add links, insert images, post announcements or embed documents.

html = hypertext mark-up language
CSS = Cascading Style Sheets


  • Web page layout and navigation options
  • How to use images
  • Page links and site organisation
  • Free tools to help you
  • Choosing and purchasing a website name (domain name)
  • Finding a host to give your site a permanent presence
  • Design for easy maintenance
  • Pay per click advertising
  • Google Sites


2. HTML and CSS coding

This section will teach you about  HTML, HTML 5, and Cascading Style Sheets. It can be aimed at beginners or at people who already know a little about the subject. Our CSS module provides a detailed explanation of the syntax and mechanics of using style sheets for both formatting and page layout.

HTML (hypertext mark-up language) is a series of tags and special keywords that define how to display a page. It is html that determines the appearance and layout of all web pages, including all the text formatting images and most importantly the links to other pages.

CSS (cascading style sheets) are used to control the style and appearance of web pages without compromising their structure. A single CSS file can control an entire web site, and simply amending one property of one of the elements in the file will immediately change the appearance of that element wherever it occurs in the web site.

Essentials of HTML tags
Overall file structure, Heading Tags, Paragraph and Break tags, Bold and Italics, Lists
Introduction to CSS
CSS rules, where to put your styles
Using CSS selectors
Inline and Embedded styles
CSS and Fonts, Font colours, sizes and style

Dealing with photos and images

CSS Layouts
The Box model
CSS positioning and floats
One and two column CSS layout

Row and column span
Table alignment, colour, images

Tools to manage your site:

Managing your site with Dreamweaver or with FrontPage
Using FTP
Free references and guides for HTML, CSS and web design

3. Getting noticed, and securing a good position in search results.

This section focuses on how to choose the right layout and wording to ensure that Google places you high up in the results.

Having your website placed in the top 10 search results will invariably result in increased traffic to your site and consequently, increased sales if you run a small business. We show you how to design and optimise your website to improve your rankings.

4. Advanced Tools and Visitor Tracking

What Sitemaps and Robots are

Find out how your web pages are being viewed – Google analytics

Tools for checking and assessing your site

DNS services and how to manage access to your site

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