Photoshop Lessons

Photoshop CC and other versions

Probably the best and most widely used photo and graphics tool, Adobe Photoshop provides users with the means to create some astounding visual effects.

Now’s your chance to find out how to make effective use of the tools and facilities in Photoshop CC, or the well established Photoshop CS series, and learn some of the tricks and shortcuts that speed up the process.

Whether you are a beginner or you already have some experience we can help you learn how to:

manage your images and understand the Photoshop workspace
straighten, flip, rotate and transform images
use various retouching and repair tools to enhance images
create layers and use layer masks effectively
create, edit and apply effect to text effects
print, publish, save and share images with others

Learn from a selection of the following:
  1. Getting started
  2. Understanding navigation and measurement systems
  3. Paint, draw, erase pixels (raster graphics)
  4. Our location

    We provide private lessons for individuals and small groups, working at your premises and focussing on the challenges that you face.

    We are based in south Bucks and serve clients in High Wycombe and the surrounding regions of Chesham, Marlow, Gerrards Cross and Princes Risborough.

    Please look at our Map page to see whether you are in the right area.

  5. Mastering the selection tools
  6. Working with layers
  7. Using the history palette
  8. How to use adjustment layers & masks
  9. Useful tools and filters
  10. Colours and channels
  11. Customising the way we work
  12. Raster and path pictures
  13. Enhanced effects with layer styles
  14. Text and type
  15. Selected advanced features

also Photoshop Elements
(version 9, and other versions)

Learn how to
•  organise and find your photos
•  use several different views to review your photos
•  take advantage of the Fix, Quick Fix and Guided Edit modes
•  work effectively and understand the full edit workspace
•  create and make use of layers
•  understand and use selections effectively
•  use various retouching techniques to correct and improve images
•  add special effects to your images
•  add, format and edit text
•  send and share images with friends and family

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