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Help with your new iPad or Android tablet

Kindle, iPad and Nexus 7 lessons for beginners
We offer a personal tutorial session covering the operation and handy hints for your new tablet. Whether you are using an Apple iPad, or an Android system such as the Samsung Galaxy Tab, this short introduction provides you with the essential concepts and understanding that will lead you to become a confident and enthusiastic user. We also cover Amazon's Kindle, Fire, Huawei MediaPad and Lenovo Tablets.

The introductory tutorial is divided into three parts, and you may choose any one (or all) of these modules.
In all cases, your tutor sits at your shoulder and introduces you to the underlying concepts and guides you what to do.

Part 1 Getting Started - switching on and off, locking the screen. Home screen layout, volume controls, home button. How to use the keyboard. Wifi essentials and browsing the internet. Saving contacts and using the calendar.

Part 2 Downloading apps and how to use the app store. Screen brightness and wallpaper, notification and sounds. Customising home screen. How to dictate notes and emails.

Part 3 Linking to your email. Setting up a mail account and managing mail. Sending and receiving emails. Securing your tablet with a pass code lock. Enter voice instructions and ask questions using Siri (or Alexa or Google's voice search).

Optionally, we can also work with you through the initial switch-on and setup  We talk you through the start-up procedure, linking to your wifi, connecting to your existing email account and establishing your Apple ID or Google ID for the app store.

Contact us if you would like more information or have questions about iPad lessons in the South Bucks region.

Learning to use a Nexus 7, Kindle or iPad