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Computer Lessons at Home

Covering the needs of both beginners and experienced users, Clearway Computing teaches technical skills in various subjects at a pace to suit the individual. Lessons are tailor-made and focussed on the requirements of each client.

Our tutor has many years experience and provides patient and friendly tuition - in the comfort of your own home.

Benefits of one to one tuition

We take time to understand your needs and aims, and continually adjust the pace and depth of lessons to match your experience. Throughout, we place a high importance on clarifying those things that puzzle you, even if your questions use the wrong technical words !

Virtually all our training is hands-on, which means you sit at the keyboard and we guide you through, step by step. In this way you are fully aware of what is happening, and you should see the results first hand, learn quickly and gain a sense of achievement.

Personal lessons at home or at your workplace may be a little more expensive than some alternative approaches, but the benefits are significant and usually the results are more rapid. Computer classes or group lessons have often been found unhelpful for two reasons: firstly it is not easy to relate to the tasks you want to do for yourself on your own system, and secondly you may have found progress difficult because different people tend to work at a different speeds, especially where technology is involved. We have heard such comments many times from our clients, and most are delighted how quickly and easily they get on with one-to-one tuition.

Low cost teach-yourself or internet based courses can be very useful in certain circumstances, but they too suffer from one fundamental obstacle - your need to ask questions and get things clear. Without that, confidence cannot grow and progress often stutters to a halt.

In your own home

Learn computer skills

You will find personal tuition to be a distinct improvement over other types of learning. Home computer lessons give you the opportunity to get specific help on those things that matter to you - for example transferring digital photos, how to organise you folders, advanced features of Excel, getting to grips with email attachments or the finer points of using layers in Photoshop.

Classes or established courses are fine if you are trying to attain a formal qualification, but it is rare for such courses to meet your own needs as an individual computer user, and it is unlikely you will get the benefits of true one to one tuition.

By working at your home, using your own system, we can be sure you’re working in a familiar computing environment, and not one set up differently in a classroom.

In summary, you can:

  •   learn exactly what you need,
  •   when you want to,
  •   use your own laptop or desktop PC,
  •   work at your own pace
  •   be guided by an experienced tutor,
  •   learn in the comfort of your own home or at your office desk.

We are based near Beaconsfield and Amersham in South Bucks, and cover the whole local area.

The subjects we cover include Beginners, Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook, Adobe Photoshop, Internet and Email, Windows 10, Photo Management, and System Maintenance and others. Please see the full listing on our Subjects Page, or use the Quick Links at the bottom of this panel.

Our prices are clearly stated on the Home page. Lessons lasting an hour, or an hour and a half are usually the most effective, but you may choose whatever duration suits you.

Learn more of how we can help you by exploring the information on this website, and then contact us with your requirements or questions.