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Your own pocket wifi signal

posted 22 Jan 2013, 00:07 by David Gething   [ updated 23 Sept 2016, 10:14 ]

Have you ever been out and about with a laptop or tablet and found that either there is no wifi available, or the only signals to be found are security protected?

A neat solution is a portable wifi gadget that magically connects via the 3G mobile phone network.

Since the connection to your own computer is via wireless, no cables are required and no other complications arise when using an iPad or Nexus tablet.

The device in question is called a MiFi and is marketed by Three.

I recommend the Pay-as-you-go option, and you can buy relatively cheap top-up SIMs from Amazon or eBay. (Topup cost is around £14 for 3 months validity).

Look for Mifi model E5331 (white) or E585 in PC World, Amazon etc (manufacturer is Huawei).

There is a BONUS because the MiFi will also allow its wifi signal to connect to 4 additional devices at the same time, so your laptop, ipod etc can also benefit from instant internet wherever you are.

the older E585