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Is Windows XP safe to use?

posted 15 Apr 2014, 15:43 by David Gething

 From April 2014, Microsoft are discontinuing support and updates for Windows XP.  So, should you continue to use it?

There are differing views on this, but our opinion is that there’s not too much to worry about.  The basis for this is:

It is probable that you are using antivirus protection that is being kept up to date.

You use a router or hub that inherently blocks all unsolicited incoming messages / attacks.

These days the most commmon threats are from websites that entice you to click on tempting offers or that warn you of fake problems, so that risk applies regardless of which operating system you use.

Windows XP is fairly robust, having enjoyed many corrections and updates over its 13 year history.

If there were to be a major vulnerability discovered, many people believe that Microsoft would be under a lot of pressure to release a fix, especially  as they are supporting it for paying customers anyway.