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Top 20 Keyboard Shortcuts — Windows

Ctrl z   (undo last operation)

Ctrl +   Increase zoom (+10%)
Ctrl -   Decrease zoom (-10%)
Ctrl 0   Zoom to normal size,  100%

Esc    Stop downloading a page
F5     Refresh the current internet page

Backspace  Go to previous internet page; works multiple times)

Ctrl a   select all in active window; e.g. select all text on page
Ctrl x   cut to clipboard
Ctrl c   copy
Ctrl v   paste

F2     Rename selected item
F11  toggle between full screen and regular view

Tab   Move forward through the items on a web page

Esc   Close a dialogue panel

Ctrl w  Close active window or file
Crtl p   Print

Ctrl f  Find - search for a particular word on a website or document

WindowsKey Tab   Show all active windows

PrtScn   Save screen capture to clipboard; "paste" the image into an image-editing program

More keyboard shortcuts here:
Windows and Mac /keyboard_shortcuts

NB   WindowsKey is  

Tools and free software

Antivirus tools (free)

The leading free antivirus tools are Avast, AVG or better still, use the built-in Windows Defender.   For an in depth assessment on which of these is the most effective, we recommend AV

Backup - simplify and automate the procedure

Define what you want backed up, and automate the procedure with Cobian Backup (free).

Kindle and e-book management

Manage your library on the computer, and transfer or convert books for Kindle and other devices with Calibre, a free but very comprehensive program.

Buying Advice

PC Pro Magazine A List

Whether you're looking for a new laptop, printer, desktop PC, digital camera - or pretty much anything IT - you should make the PC Pro A List your first stop. Find PC Pro's best buy in each category, along with up to three alternatives that might be a better choice for you or your business depending on your needs.

Consumables and accessories at very competitive prices

Ink cartridges, batteries and memory cards can be expensive, but some of the best prices can be found at 7 Day Shop in Guernsey, or in Sheffield.

Several clients have also recommended for printer cartridges.

Hardware and equipment repairs

Local Services for repairs and technical help

Software and resources 

 -  for more experienced users

Transfer large files to someone else

Regular email cannot be used for sending files larger than around 4MB, so if you want to send a video, or other large files try the new Firefox Send 

Using Gmail with IMAP 

How to set up Gmail to use IMAP with Windows Live Mail, an article from Free Email Tutorials, or a similar piece from Also of interest is clarification on Sent and Deleted Items when using IMAP.

Remote assistance

TeamViewer is a versatile but secure utility that allows a nominated person to view your screen and provide assistance.

Mail merge

Demonstrations and guidance of how it's done can be found in Microsoft's Mailmerge tutorial or YouTube's Address labels from Outlook

Windows 10

Would you like to block the incessant nag to update to Windows 10? Download and run this very simple program to "switch off" the Windows 10 update.